Curbside Update

In response to rising vaccination rates, the CDC has adjusted its mask-wearing guidance for fully vaccinated people in indoor and outdoor settings. As a result, many of our clients have been asking when we will allow the public into the hospital with their pets.

When the pandemic first began, the Governor closed most of New York State under the Executive Order 202.6. The New York State

Veterinary Medical Society along with the Department of Agriculture worked with the Governors office to allow veterinarians to be included as essential workers. However, the Governor’s office put a directive in place that allowed veterinary practices to remain open if they followed strict safety requirements that included curbside services.

The curbside directive for veterinary practices is still in effect. The New York State Veterinary Medical Society has recently approached the Governor’s office to review the curbside guidelines. These future guidelines are likely to include mask mandates and social distancing requirements. We ask you to continue to be patient while we await updated guidelines that will hopefully allow for a transition back to in person visits for those that want them.

We have also received a tremendous amount of feedback from clients who like the curbside experience. As such, we may strive to offer this as an option in the future.

We again thank you for all of the support and understanding you have given to us over the course of an unchartered and challenging year. With some bumps along the way, we have learned a lot and continue to strive to provide the utmost quality of care to you and your pets.

With thanks,

Your Community Animal Care Team

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